About Us

Static Industrial Coatings Ltd. Is the brainchild of Cathy Barlow – a business woman with a formidable history in Health and Safety, Environmental Management and in Quality Advisory Management. As an employee, to others, she successfully led businesses in achieving a host of outstanding, world recognised accreditations. Indeed, with Cathy Barlow as the proprietor and manager there is no doubt that Static Industrial Coatings Ltd. will achieve the necessary accreditations and recognition to elevate the business through its Irish, British and European marketplace.

Cathy’s recent employment within the Stainless Steel and Aluminium Manufacturing field made her very aware that improvements could be made within the Northern Irish Powder Coating Industry. Her experience and research into this industry showed, some companies, omitted the steps necessary for the longevity of Powder Coating. Hence Static Coatings Ltd. was created to provide durable powder coatings that will last longer.

Static Industrial Coatings Ltd. will provide a premium service which includes a thorough pre-treatment wash, top-grade pre-treating chemicals and final rinse prior to the application of a top quality powder coating – all completed within purpose built premises to eliminate particle contamination and checked for quality at every step of the process. The result will be a world class powder coating of the standard required and expected by the global marketplace.