Industrial Markets


Aluminum & Steel

We offer Aluminium and Steel manufacturing companies, throughout Ireland, the Uk and Europe a premium range of services for the industry.

Energy Markets

For superior durability and resistance to corrosion, abrasion and chemicals – We provide a wide range of solutions for manufactures of energy saving and renewable machinery.

Lorry Truck & HGV

We apply powder coatings for the durability and protection of vehicle parts, including hard wearing durable coatings for lorry & HGV wheels.

Custom Car

We can provide powder clearcoats to offer protection from the weather, scratches and chips. We can also powder coat alloys and other vehicle parts for a custom look.

Marine Industry

Powder Coatings are the perfect solution for corrosion problems within the marine industry. The coatings are light yet strong, provide good colour stability and are low maintenance.

Architectural Markets

We use new resin systems which have low toxicity, are clear in colour and provide the durability that the agricultural market needs and demands.

Motorcycles & Bicycles

At Static Industrial Coatings Ltd we offer durable coatings for Motorcycles & Bicycles. We can restore your original vintage colour or choose a complete new custom look.

Kitchen Cabinets

By using IR cured powders at low temperatures, we can guarantee our customers a perfect finish at lower energy costs, shorter curing times and higher line speeds.

Airline Industry

We offer the airline industry lightweight, extremely durable, UV resistant, low maintenance, rot and mildew resistant, chip and impact proof powder coatings at industry standard.

Road Signs & Signs Makers

For all weather protection we will powder coat your signs – existing and new – to guaranteeing long life durability for future use.

Office Furniture

At Static Industrial Coatings Ltd our new processes allow office furniture to be cured at lower temperatures, thus protecting and prolonging the life of each item.

Garden Furniture

We apply powder coatings in thin films, which penetrate into recesses much more easily and allow for a vast choice of colours, textures and design finishes.

Sports & Gym Equipment

To protect expensive sports and gym equipment against the damage, caused by heavy use, contact Static Industrial Coatings Ltd for a durable, chip resistant and impact proof powder coating.

Fire Extinguishers

For durability, longevity and compliance with Health and Safety Regulations the powder coating applied by Static Coatings Ltd exceeds the standards required by law.

Fencing, Railing Gates

Powder coatings are UV resistant, rot and mildew proof, provide an ultra-fine coating and provide a choice of colours and finishes. For further information contact Static Industrial Coatings Ltd.

Sport Stadiums

Polyester TGIC based powders are used for outdoor stadium seating and other exterior applications to protect against UV damage.

Bridge Construction

We use the latest processes developed for applying thermoplastic powder, both in construction and in-situ. Bridge support columns and steel sidewalks benefit incredibly from this technique.


With the powder coating market evolving and improving we at Static Industrial Coatings Ltd can guarantee better protection for balustrades than the traditional coating methods.


Powder coatings are lightweight, thin and ultra-hardwearing, which makes them the perfect choice to protect canopies. For full details contact Static Industrial Coatings Ltd.


The powder coatings we use, provide a high level of corrosion resistance, they do not chip or peel, are fire resistant and maintenance is only a regular wash down with water.

Rail Industry

Static Coatings Ltd recommends powder coatings for the rail industry as they impart significant durability and resistance to abrasion, corrosion and chemicals.

Shot Blasting

We offer a Shot Blasting service to clean, strengthen and polish metal. This process is suitable for use in the aerospace, automotive, construction, marine and rail industries.